“Mahalo Maui”, “Philly Love”, and “To Norry With Love” are all projects of Networks for Training and Development (Networks) to honor the amazing essential workers around us. These projects were started in response to the worldwide COVID pandemic and to the increasing knowledge of how many were risking their very lives to help us get through this especially in Maui (HI), Philadelphia (PA), and Northumberland County (PA), Networks’ major locations of work.

Our vision is to provide thanks, opportunities for healing, fun, relaxation, and appreciation for all these angels have selflessly given. This is an opportunity for all of us to give generously in many ways, to build community, and to show our love and thanks to those who have kept us safe and sane during the long and difficult days of the pandemic.

Specifically, we:

  • invite all local businesses, groups, and individuals to be a part of this effort and challenge your creativity to find ways that are right for you. Whether it’s a special discount or offering, a extra something you do, even an personal acknowledgment given to someone, we leave it to you to decide your form of gratitude. And if you already have any particular specials planned, you might offer it as a “Essential Worker Special”. Whatever you decide, you become an integral part of our give-back.
  • acknowledge specific groups and organizations in these 3 specific locations who have really struggled with small gifts and celebrations.
  • host awards for extra special workers who have gone far and above the call of duty, as nominated by their peers.

You can help us salute these amazing essential workers by joining in! By participating, you will be included in special Facebook pages, be part of coordinated advertising efforts with media and community calendars, and will receive a decal with our project logos to let your community know you recognize these extraordinary people.

Join with us in this "Mahalo Maui", “Philly Love”, and "To Norry With Love" movement!
LET’S DO THIS… together!!

Please Join, Like, and Share Mahalo Maui, Philly Love, and To Norry With Love on Facebook and the Inside Networks blog which provides more details about the winners and activities.

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You can donate to "Mahalo Maui", "Philly Love", and "To Norry With Love" online via PayPal, credit, or debit card.



Check out these opportunities including discounts, events, testimonials, and more!

Michael Franti gives thanks (and a special performance) to essential workers!
"Mahalo Maui", Philly Love", and "To Norry With Love" organizer, Rosa McAllister, speaks about this celebration of essential workers... with a lil shout-out from our Philly-Maui buddy, G. Love!
Lei'ohu Ryder offers a prayer of thanks and blessings to our esential workers!
Mahalo (thanks) to first responders from Ke Kula 'o Pi'ilani!
Taimane Gardner thanks esential workers for all their efforts!