Networks for Training and Development

What are we up to?

The Networks' Team is currently engaged in developing a new strategic plan! During this time, we are re-committing ourselves to our values of inclusion and social justice. As we look back over our past 30+ years with pride, we look to a bright future envisioning a world with equal access and opportunities for all.

Stay tuned!


Our mission...

dedicated to promoting inclusive communities through quality training, consultation, and practice...

What We Do...

Disability Training & Consultation

  • resources / connections for a fuller life
  • transition / life changes
  • inclusive communities
  • systems development / innovation

Wellness Education & Activities

  • specializing in disabilities, chronic illness, trauma, and grief
  • workshops / self-help instruction
  • practitioners’ network

Organizational Support & Consultation

  • leadership, team dynamics, and strategic planning
  • systems planning, policy development, and evaluation
  • non-profit startup, mission and Board development
  • inclusive event planning

Message from Networks’ Executive Director

Our world continues to change all around us. For the past few years, we have been navigating the landscape of life with the COVID-19 pandemic, civil unrest locally and globally, and the increased need for ongoing dialogue and work centered on issues of our humanity.

Networks' mission begins with "promoting inclusive communities," which means that there should be space for ALL of us - regardless of perceived ability, race, gender, sexual orientation, income, education, etc... This also means that where space does not currently exist for certain groups, it is our mission to make room.

We stand for social justice, always have and always will. #blacklivesmatter

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To all the dear people at Networks… You are lighting the world!

~ lighting the world

My favorite place with my favorite people ~  Jenn Seybert

~ Jenn Seybert

What a great bunch of people who do amazing work! ~  Ruth Siegfried

~ Ruth Siegfried