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Networks’ Online University is a virtual learning portal where individuals can access a variety of resources. These materials highlight each of our services areas. There are resources that are available solely online, while others provide expanded information about topics discussed in our face-to-face learning opportunities. Some of what you can find is:

  • Archived webcasts of past events
  • Podcasts
  • Live webinars
  • Online discussions
  • Recommendations of favorite articles / websites / etc.

Please note: We strive to ensure that our online materials and resources are created in a way that make them accessible to everyone. While the items listed below are all things we have found to be useful in terms of their content, several of them were created by others and may not be accessible for all people. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Employment Support

This section contains presentations, books & articles, forms, videos, and websites related to Employment Support.

Pardon the lack of resources as we update our Online University links and resource documents.

Symposium Presentations:

Books & Articles:


Networks' Videos:

Videos We Recommend:


Audio Recordings:

Accommodations on the Job:  How Technology Can Affect Independence and Productivity

Online Resources:

Bulletins/Policy Docs:

Community & Organizational Development

This section contains websites, suggested readings, and podcasts related to Community & Organizational Development.


Suggested Readings:


Podcasts We Recommend:

Wholistic Practices

This section contains articles, presentations, videos, audio recordings, and websites related to Wholistic Practices.





Inclusive Educational & Transition Supports

This section contains a video and websites related to Inclusive Educational & Transition Supports.

When I Grow Up Video:

It's important that all children grow up with aspirations and dreams. Asking your kids what they want to be when they grow up is a good way to get them thinking about their futures. Start the conversation early and expand on what they think is possible. ALL kids!

If you are unable to view YouTube videos, this link will provide the video in another format. (Be advised that you may experience a longer wait time while the video loads.)


Event Planning & Coordination

This section contains online chats and discussion boards related to Event Planning & Coordination.

Online Chats:

Universal Design: Breaking Down Barriers Online Chat

Discussion Boards:

Networks' Online Learning Discussion Board