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Networks is a 501C3 Charitable non-profit organization but we actively study, practice, and disseminate information to others on current trends from our ’business world’ colleagues as well as from the ‘not for profit world’, as part of our Community and Organizational Supports. While we are best known for our primary activities assisting people with disabilities to live inclusive and fulfilling lives, we have also become recognized for our somewhat different approach to organizational structure and infrastructure, management practices, and day-to-day operations. These core beliefs and foundations in promoting person-centered practices, visionary approaches, and inclusive communities have helped us create a vibrant and viable enterprise with true expertise to assist other organizations (both for profit and non-profit), businesses, and communities.

How Can We Help You?


Improving Organizational Effectiveness​

Networks provides assistance to organizations and groups who are looking to reconfigure, reimagine, and re-think their current practices and issues, while promoting best practices in several areas of our expertise.

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Strategic Planning

Whether it’s small group facilitation for a team struggling with an issue, a large system faced with system-wide challenges, or assistance in implementing / promoting new initiatives, Networks’ strategic planning team is equipped to assist you!

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Non-Profit Incubator Programs

Networks started as an “incubated” project in collaboration with Horizon House and Philadelphia DBHIDS. Over the years others have asked for similar supports from us, while planning to eventually spring off into a non-profit themselves​

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very practical, bold… made me challenge my way of thinking.