Our Services

Our Services

We Offer two primary types of services; Community & Organizational Development Services and Person Centered Services

Although we have interwoven Person-Centered approaches and philosophies throughout all that we do, there are services that we offer specifically geared toward assisting individuals to live fuller lives that honor their choices.

Community & Organizational Supports

At Networks we actively study, practice, and disseminate information to others on current trends from our ’business world’ colleagues as well as from the ‘not for profit world’, as part of our Community and Organizational Supports. Our core beliefs and foundations in promoting person centered practices, visionary approaches, and inclusive communities have provided us with true expertise in assisting organizations (both for profit and non-profit), businesses, and communities.

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Person Centered Supports

Networks is committed to assisting all people to live fully included lives in their communities. Based on the belief that the person themselves knows best (regardless of their life situations), we facilitate teams and individuals in overcoming potential barriers to living full, independent lives, while ensuring they have the support to speak up, dream, and make life choices while upholding the key principle, “Nothing about me without me”. ​

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