Employment Training & Consultation

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supporting the journey towards employment for all...

The very roots of Networks are based on a belief that ‘work’ is a right and a possibility for all. Networks supports the values of Employment 1st – that employment should be the first option available for all, regardless of disability. This belief has given birth to our employment services for individuals, their supporters and teams including transition and career development consultation (for all ages), exploration and discovery of individual situations, and collaborative and innovative services. Networks is also dedicated to promoting inclusive communities beginning with our youngest community members. Over the years, we have worked in partnership with children, their families and schools to develop individualized strategies and supports that promote inclusive environments and enrich educational experiences for all.

Employment Offerings


Support to Employment First Efforts​

Networks has a long history of training, consultation, facilitation, oversight and more towards Employment First efforts. Here are just some of the ways we support Employment First efforts:
  • Provide facilitation, administrative and training support to Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health/Intellectual Disability Services (DBH/IDS)
  • Manage the PhilaOnTheJob.org website on behalf of DBH/IDS)
  • Oversee the Philadelphia EmployStat database https://demo.employstat.org
  • Provide employment-related training and consultation to organizations
  • Support to the Philadelphia Business Advisory

ACRE Approved Training​​

Networks has offered a 40-hour ACRE approved Basic Employment Supports Certificate since 2015. Course content is diverse and interactive and will prepare employment supporters and others in varying roles with tools and resources to be successful on the job. Learn more about our ACRE Approved Training

Transition From School to Adult Life​

We believe that students best succeed when given opportunities to make informed decisions regarding their next steps after high school. In addition to student supports, it is also crucial to include both parents and teachers in the transition process. We strive to meet the needs of all -- students, families, and teachers – in our transitional support services.​ Here are some of the Transition Services Networks’ can offer:

  • Pre-Employment Transition Services:
    • Job Shadowing
    • Work Based Learning Experiences
  • Individual School Contract
    • Networks has a long history of partnering with school districts to provide one to one supports to students exploring post-graduation options prior to graduation.
  • Personalized Employment-Related Consultation and Training for Individuals, Teams, & Supporters

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Assistance to Family & Supporters

Here at Networks we understand it truly takes a village to assist someone in reaching their dreams. We understand the importance of including family, friends, providers, and other community supporters in the planning process. We provide small and large group instruction, as well as team-based instruction, around Career Planning, the Job Seeking process, and how a person’s supporters can assist them in reaching their goals. ​For more information, please click on the request assistance tab below.


On the Job Accommodation Support

Assistance in accommodations to increase independence and productivity on the job.