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Networks believes in leveling the playing field so that life activities, work and play are accessible to all. Our team can help explore options and brainstorm practical solutions to make everyone’s world more comfortable and accessible through alternative communication options, adaptive software, use of apps, various assistive technology tools both high and low tech, sensory strategies as well as environmental modifications.

Networks is also dedicated to promoting inclusive communities beginning with our youngest community members. Over the years, we have worked in partnership with children, their families and schools to develop individualized strategies and supports that promote inclusive environments and enrich educational experiences for all.​



matching the person to the technology

To find practical solutions to challenges to independence, we must consider the person. Who are they? What are their talents, interests, passions? What do they want to be able to do? What supports, modifications or accommodations are currently being used? What environments are they in during the day? What is the space layout, or configuration of the work space? Are there sensory considerations? Networks can help bring the pieces of the puzzle together by brainstorming with individuals and their teams to come up with practical solutions for everyday life challenges.​

When exploring possible solutions, we can help match potential solutions to everyday problems

It could involve adaptation of work stations for ease of access to a task, accommodations to make environments more comfortable and sensory friendly for use of technology, (high or low tech) to help folks reach out into their communities for shopping, dining, transportation and entertainment opportunities more easily.



the importance of exploration

Networks can help break down barriers to make what we do in our daily lives accessible to everyone. We can help by facilitating brainstorming and planning sessions with communities whether they are businesses, or places of employment or leisure to explore ways to make environments more accessible, sensory friendly and inclusive to all members the community.

We provide opportunities for individuals, their teams, and supporters to explore various technology options. This can include:​

  • Exploration of environments and independence with a person / team…​
  • Discovery of the ways we express ourselves and interact with the world…​
  • Assisting people / teams to build knowledge and access to technologies and the world…​



personalized training for individuals, teams, & supporters

We provide training to individuals, their supporters and teams around specific situations, designed to promote best practices in the selection, training and use of assistive technology, and its potential to change lives! ​

Our trainings may include implementation of strategies to help communities learn to listen to all types of communication, strategies to help make environments more accessible, how to promote sensory comfort, matching of high or low technology to meet the needs for promoting more inclusive communities.

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