Michael Landes, MEd

Jeffrey Mccary

With Networks Since:  2003


Michael is the Webmaster for Networks for Training and Development. He is also a high school social studies teacher in Maui, HI and the president of his local teacher’s union. In his current role with Networks, he manages and updates our website and discussion boards, as well as the websites of certain groups associated with Networks. He also assists with our event coordination and creating accessible training materials, and he serves on the governing committee for the Got Mike! Fund. His previous work includes direct support, program coordination, communication assistance, and interactive curriculum development.

Additional Information

In his free time, Michael enjoys surfing, bike riding, playing hockey, coaching, and going to the beach with his family.

Certifications and Awards

  • Webmaster Certification – George Mason University
  • Special Education Certification – Hawaii Teacher Standards Board
  • Social Studies Certification – Hawaii Teacher Standards Board
  • Teacher Leader Certification – Hawaii Teacher Standards Board