Maureen Maxwell, RM, ARCB

Diane Kehoe

Maureen Maxwell is a 19-year head and neck cancer survivor who has benefited from her own recovery path by realizing her talents and offering a loving, caring, intuitive touch to her reflexology, reiki and therapeutic touch practice.  She is a Nationally Certified Reflexologist with the American Reflexology Certification Board, a working committee member for the Reflexology Association of America, a Usui Reiki Master / Teacher (attuned by John Gray, one of the original 12 reiki masters in the United States), and has spent the past 10 years refining her reflexology techniques studying various cultural types of energy work and practicing daily mindful meditation and qigong (Chinese energy healing). Maureen believes that Integrative Medicine is an idea whose time has come and is reaching out thru public and private forums to educate area physicians, surgeons and nurse practitioners on the benefits of mind-body therapies.