Nancy Jo Geise

Jeffrey Mccary

With Networks Since:  2009


Nancy Jo Geise is the Database and Resource Specialist at Networks for Training and Development, joining the team in April 2009.  At Networks, Nancy is responsible for archiving information, data, and documents as well as generating session evaluation summaries through the database and monitoring registrations for events.  Nancy Jo enjoys working with the communication devices and Assistive Technology.  She was a guest speaker on WKOK radio for a feature story on assistive technologies and the positive effects communication devices can have for people with disabilities.   She is a 2011 graduate of The Communication Mentors’ Course.

Additional Information

She is a member of Community Unity and AMPES groups in Northumberland County, while also being an active member in her church.  In her spare time, Nancy enjoys spending time with family, being active in her church, staying current on new technology, and looks forward to meeting new people, learning, and growing.