Joe Murphy, CESP

Jeffrey Mccary

With Networks Since:  1997


Joe Murphy, CESP first joined the Networks team in 1998 working with the CareerNet program finding employment for folks with significant disabilities. He left for four years to continue working with the CareerNet folks after the program was transferred to another provider. Joe returned to Networks as the Transition and Employment Coordinator where he lends assistance to various people and projects regarding employment, transition services, and Assistive Technology (AT).

Additional Information

While not initially involved in the field of developmental disabilities, Joe discovered his passion after meeting a person and her supporters at a community pool and offered to lend a hand. Since then (1997),has worked within various community support projects, always coaching people to live full and independent lives, always striving towards their best. He is a Certified Employment Support Professional and has been certified as a life coach for business. Joe is also an active member of various community groups in and around Philadelphia..You can often find Joe sharing his other passion – football – coaching young people in various school and community programs. He is a graduate of Philadelphia’s first Communication Mentors’ Course, the Employment Mentors’ Course, and many other programs re: employment transition and/or AT. Joe resides in Philadelphia, PA with his wife and 2 children.

Certifications and Awards

  • Certified Employment Support Professional
  • Certified life coach for business