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The very roots of Networks are based on a belief that ‘work’ is a right and a possibility for all. Networks supports the values of Employment 1st – that employment should be the first option available for all, regardless of disability. The very roots of Networks are based on a belief that ‘work’ is a right and a possibility for all people. This belief has given birth to our employment services for individuals, their supporters and teams including transition and career development consultation (for all ages), exploration and discovery of individual situations, and collaborative and innovative services. Networks is also dedicated to promoting inclusive communities beginning with our youngest community members. Over the years, we have worked in partnership with children, their families and schools to develop individualized strategies and supports that promote inclusive environments and enrich educational experiences for all.

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Networks offers a variety of services designed to increase overall knowledge, skills, and experiences, with contemporary and innovative employment development and support strategies. Specifically, we assist organizational and community growth by providing training and consultation to staff, families, people with disabilities, employers, teachers, paraprofessionals and others interested in contemporary trends and best practices in employment supports. We strive to build competencies in employment support professionals, teachers, and others through workshops, ADA consultation, and training in current customized employment trends, practical strategies, and diversity.

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    Transition From School to Adult Life

    We believe that students best succeed when given opportunities to make informed decisions regarding their next steps after high school. In addition to student supports, it is also crucial to include both parents and teachers in the transition process. We strive to meet the needs of all -- students, families, and teachers – in our transitional support services.​

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    Career Planning & Consultation

    While obtaining that first job is exciting and important, it is also crucial to remember that the people we support are entitled to careers that include opportunities for advancement, increased compensation, and improved benefits.​

    Job Seeker Services

    People with disabilities are often under-utilized for their talents. Networks strives to assist qualified workers in obtaining and maintaining employment through benefits counseling, developing / obtaining necessary accommodations for increasing their independence on the job.​

    Assistance to Family & Supporters

    Here at Networks we understand it truly takes a village to assist someone in reaching their dreams. We understand the importance of including family, friends, providers, and other community supporters in the planning process. We provide small and large group instruction, as well as team-based instruction, around Career Planning, the Job Seeking process, and how a person’s supporters can assist them in reaching their goals. ​


    ACRE stands for Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators

    One of the growing and expanding trainings offered through ACRE is the ACRE Employment Certificate.  The ACRE Certificate Course is taught nationwide by trainers and other organizations who have undergone a rigorous curriculum review process that meets specific competency guidelines related to employment of people with disabilities.  Most ACRE Certificate providers are universities and training organizations. Networks is pleased to be among the trainers and educators who are able to provide this training for you and your staff.

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    The CESP Certification is a nationally accredited Certification issued through APSE that distinguishes employment support professionals who have shown they have the skill and competence to perform the requirements of the job. APSE is a membership organization, and is the only national organization with an exclusive focus on integrated employment and career advancement opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

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    Regularly Scheduled Employment Events

    We offer a variety of workshops and events focused on providing information about best practices and strategies for employment support professionals and organizations. We also offer supports to organizations interested in promoting change in their services to encourage the adoption and promotion of employment 1st principles. See what is up and coming here

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    Employment 1st Initiative

    Networks has a long-standing history of assisting organizations, communities, and systems in implementing initiatives and adopting change to promote true inclusion for all members of our communities. This is especially true in regards to our support of the Employment 1st Initiative locally, statewide, and nationally (in collaboration with APSE).

    Employer / Business Assistance

    From general sessions/presentations such as Employer Breakfast meetings, webinars, Employer Recognition, and more to individualized consultation addressing specific needs of your business, Networks is able to provide the information you need to create welcoming workspaces and business environments for all.

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    EmployStat is a web-based data system designed to track employment outcomes for those individuals employed through Community Integrated Competitive Supported Employment.

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