Transition from School to Adult Life

We believe that successful transition can start with our youngest community members. Creating an expectation of success early on is important. We also believe that students best succeed when they are given the opportunities to make informed decisions regarding their next steps after high school. This may include identifying and exploring their interests, developing skills to build resumes and make informed decisions regarding career options, consideration of secondary education options, and / or internship and apprenticeship opportunities. In addition to student supports, it is also crucial to involve parents, teachers, and supporters in the transition process, including sharing resources and best practices in employment supports. We strive to meet the needs of all -- students, families teachers, and supporters -- in our transitional support services.​

What We Offer

Group Instruction

Joe works with students at Olney
Joe works with students at Olney

Networks provides interactive and engaging Discovery and Career Planning group instruction to students in their classroom settings, using the resources of student, teacher, and family information, along with technology, to record work experiences, develop resumes, and identify new opportunities with each student.

Teacher and Staff Consultation

For true school transformation to occur, teachers and staff need access to the tools and resources necessary to support their students’ successes .This includes using the resources of students, teachers, family and supporters to identify new opportunities with each student, along with the use of technology to record experiences, résumés, and action plans for success.

School-based Work Experiences

Student learns how to style a wig at Tiano's Salon
Student learns how to style a wig at Tiano's Salon

Schools are busy places with teachers and staff who have limited time for exploration of new ideas for school-based work opportunities. While we understand the restrictions of school-based work experiences, Networks is available to provide an analysis of work tasks within schools in order to expand and develop a first line of work-based opportunities to identify interests. Exploring opportunities within schools is a time-saver when it comes to identifying interests and developing opportunities in community businesses.

Individualized Consultation

Sometimes it takes a little extra support, or someone to come alongside and help, to figure out how to create positive transition outcomes for your child / young adult. When this happens, Networks is able to provide individualized career planning, exploration and community-based assessment in local businesses   to assist students in identifying interests, passions, and abilities.