Person Centered Supports

Since our inception as an organization, Networks has been committed to assisting all people to live full, independent lives. Based on the belief that the person themselves knows best (regardless of their life situations), we facilitate teams and individuals in planning, ensuring people have the support to speak up, dream, and make life choices while upholding the key principle, “Nothing about me without me”.​

​We continue to promote person-centered planning, and weave it throughout all we do. Our assistance to individuals, their families and supporters continues to be a key service we offer.​

Person Centered Planning Session
Person Centered Planning Session - Taking Charge

We offer individual assistance…​

  • Direct assistance through Life Coaching to help people plan and make changes in their lives. ​
  • Assist people to decide what supports they need to live more fully and pursue their dreams, advertise for these supports, hire, train, and supervise them.​
  • Provide direct consultation and assistance to individuals and their teams / supporters to assist a person to live a full and independent life at home, school, work, and play.

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Employment & Transition Services

supporting the journey towards employment for ALL…​

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Adaptations for Living​

​striving toward a world without barriers…​

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Wholistic Practices​

​mind, body, & soul — well being for all…​

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    Thank you, one and all, for all your hard work. Each of you in your own unique way contributes to the growth of person-centered thinking each & every day.