Non-Profit Incubator

Over the years, Networks has assisted many groups and organizations to develop further, organize, strategize, and explore incorporation. Typically, we have done this under our Organizational and Community Development service area. A few groups / individuals have requested that we “house” them or help them more officially to exist by providing needed administrative functions / insurances, and allowing them to access our skills, services, and non-profit status. Their goal was to eventually spring off into a non-profit themselves and were looking for our help to make that happen. Interestingly, this is exactly how Networks started, as an “incubated” project in collaboration with Horizon House (and the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health).

How Can We Help You?

501(c)3 fiscal sponsorship -- i.e. act as fiscal sponsor and take complete responsibility for the receipt of income and the expenditure of funds for member program. Income, donated or earned, is thus received tax-free to the program and donations to the program (made through Networks) are tax-deductible to the donor, in accord with federal tax law.

  • Inclusion in Networks’ annual audit.
  • Assistance with applying for 501(c)3 status and development of full non-profit status.
  • Board development, training, and assistance.
  • Fund management and tracking.
  • Payroll services.
  • Overall advisement and guidance.
  • Administrative and infrastructure support.
  • Cell phone service.
  • Access to topical workshops and other skill-building opportunities.
  • Guidance in seeking grants and funding.
  • Business, program management, and marketing consultation.
  • Collaborations, connections, and possible programmatic partnerships.
  • Office supplies, Information management support, and accessible web development.
  • Health, dental, life, and other benefits if the program has employees.

How You Can Get Involved…

Donations can be made to any of the groups participating in our Non-Profit Incubator Program by visiting our Current Projects page.

Groups interested in participating in our Non-Profit Incubator Program must meet certain criteria. These include:

  • A Governing Board of at least three (3) individuals committed to the program other than the Program Director, who are not all family members.
  • An overall mission statement that clearly shows a focus on assisting and bettering others, education, and being of service to the local community.
  • A match to Networks’ organizational mission.
  • A clear connection to non-profit work.
  • A plan that shows a description of programming and preliminary goals and objectives for the coming year.
  • A realistic budget for the next year.
  • A concrete, realistic fund development strategy or plan for attaining funding for the program.

Groups interested in joining this program should contact Rosa McAllister, Networks’ Organizational Advisor, to introduce their project and learn more about what Networks might provide.

Current Projects

The Got Mike! Fund
Las Aguas Fund
Nancy Cordon Trust
Artists for Artists Global logo
Artists for Artists
For the last several years, Networks has been a huge help to us in remembering what a non-profit is & all we can be doing to improve at least our little corner of the world.
Networks helped us initially to imagine & plan our future… & then has been there to guide us with ongoing practical ideas, encouragement, & professional assistance.