ACRE Certificate Course Supported Employment 101
ACRE – SE101
This course provides you with the information necessary to prepare for the CESP certificate required for Supported Employment professionals
Ongoing, Self-paced
On Being A Service Warrior
On Being a Service Warrior
Welcome to "On Being a Service Warrior: Interviews With the Fire-Walkers Among Us". Join us for intimate conversations with those who have had their struggles, and come out the other side into lives of service to others.
Ongoing, Self-paced
Introduction to Networks' Wholistic Practices Services
Introduction to Networks’ Wholistic Practices Services
Networks' Wholistic Practices Services offer many wonderful opportunties for people to explore greater wellness. We are particularly interested in assisting those with various life situations that may preclude or prevent them from receiving other services of this nature. Here is an overview.
One Thing I Do
One Thing I Do…
"One Thing I Do" is a series of brief informational spots from various people discussing simple things they do everyday to increase their health, wellness, and living.
Networks' Healing Circle
Healing Circle Calls
Our anonymous monthly "Healing Circle Calls" offer brief opportunities for meditation, reflection, and practice to help us feel better connected and to know we are not alone.
Employment Webinar Series
A series of webinars on employment-related topics that promote employment of people of all abilities.
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