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The Got Mike Fund

The Got Mike! Fund was created to continue the legacy of Dr. Michael McAllister, co-founder of Networks.  The Fund provides opportunities for individuals with disabilities to live full and prosperous live, and provides educational development opportunitieis to those whose leadership and commitment toward integrated employment is outstanding, passionate, and furthers the inclusion of all people in the world or work.

You can donate to The Got Mike! Fund online via PayPal.

Las Aguas Fund

Las Aguas Fund is the idea of Shoshanna Marks to assist the yoga and cultural communities in Cuba. Shoshanna lives in the San Francisco, CA area and runs Cuba Wellness Adventures, which provides yoga and arts related retreats in Cuba. Her dream has been to also form a non-profit organization that could assist in cultural exchanges, continuing education, building more inclusive communities, and “seva” yoga (i.e. of service / volunteer work) between foreigners and Cubans. “Las Aguas Fund” refers to the Waters, or the spiritual waters that flow amongst us all.

You can donate to Las Aguas Fund online via PayPal:

Nancy Cordon Trust - Blue circle with 2 hands embracing

The Nancy Cordon Trust

The Nancy Cordon Trust was created to honor the memory of Nancy Lynne Cordon. The Trust was established to enhance opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and help them to be part of their community by helping them, and those who love them, over some hard times.  Donations from the Fund have been used to purchase washing machines, assist with paying rent, buy clothes and food, assist with payment to an integrated camp experience and many many other situations that have challenged people because they were 'down on their luck.'

You can donate to The Nancy Cordon Trust online via PayPal: