Community Outreach

01_Elephant Reiki

Elephant Nature Park (ENP), ChaingMai, Thailand…

Elephant ReikiWholistic  Practices
are open to everyone, including our animal friends

02_Getting the Word Out

Networks' Exhibit TableGetting the Word Out… one of our exhibit tables

03_Jess giving a hand massage

“…this  makes your whole self feel better!" You can see him relaxing the moment the session starts.”Jess giving a hand massage

04_Marianne & Alina

“She sinks in her chair. Relief, contentment, peace… She leans back in her chair. Quiet, calm, relaxed.”Marianne massaging Alina

05_Singing Bowls Class

Singing Bowls Class“All said they felt peaceful, happy; one said she felt like she was touching something deep inside of her.

06_Massaging baby at APSE

Massaging a baby at APSEProviding a little relief to one of the youngest members of our community at a national conference…

07_Yin Yoga Class

"A Good Start to the Day…" Yin Yoga class offered to conference-goers at a recent APSE eventYin Yoga Class

08_Exchanging Knowledge

Exchanging Knowledge with OthersExchanging Knowledge with Others… Rosa shares singing bowls techniques with Cuban Yoga Master Eduardo Pimentel Vázquez

09_Jen Giving a Hand Massage

“As her feet soaked, I massaged her hands & then her neck & scalp. She purred like a kitten!”Jen giving a hand massage