Wholistic Practices

Presenting our Wholistic Practices work while in Cuba
Presenting our Wholistic Practices work while in Cuba

mind, body, & soul — well being for all…​

Today, many of us are taking more active control of our health through choices in diet, exercise, lifestyle, and spiritual practices. Various “alternative treatments” abound for us to choose from, which many of us add in to our personal wellness practices.​

Over time Networks has developed a service area dedicated to providing individuals and organizations the opportunity to learn about these “alternative treatments”. We have also built a network of practitioners who offer their services to others, and are helping others learn more about these various modalities.​

The newest development in this service area is the formation of the Lokahi Guild, a guild of kindred spirits committed to assisting others for the betterment of the world.​


Overview of How We Can Help…

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Community Outreach

​From 15-minute massage sessions at local conferences to helping fellow practitioners realize how they can open their practices to all, to helping our youngest community members realize how they can care for one another, we continue to expand our outreach to others.​

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Wellness Classes, Discussions, & Activities​

​Opportunities are provided for practitioners & the general public to learn about specific modalities of bodywork, as well as ways to incorporate more healthful practices in all of our lives.

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Lokahi Guild

​"Lokahi" means to sparkle, unearth treasures, and find harmony. Come join with other kindred spirits committed to assisting others to find their lokahi... for the betterment of all and our world.​

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