APSE CESP Certification

APSE is a membership organization, and is the ONLY national organization with an exclusive focus on integrated employment and career advancement opportunities for individuals with disabilities.​

FAQs about CESP...

What is CESP?

CESP stands for Certified Employment Support Professional. The CESP Certification is a nationally accredited Certification and distinguishes employment support professionals who have shown they have the skill and competence to perform the requirements of the job.​

Do I have to recertify?​

Recertification is required every three years. Documentation must be provided to APSE that a CESP professional has completed 36 hours of continuing education hours in areas related to evidence based practice. If the CEU requirement is not met, the indivdual must take the exam again to regain their certification status.​

Who may sit for the exam?​

In order to sit for the CESP exam, which takes place throughout the country on a regular basis, a candidate must meet the following criteria:​

Have a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent;​

Have one year of employment support experience which may include up to a maximum of three months of internships or practicum time, or nine months of work experience with a training component;​

Agree to and sign the Code of Conduct included in the application.​

Is there a cost to the CESP exam?​

The CESP exam cost is $159.00 per person. The CESP 3-year recertification cost is $125.00 per person.​

What is the difference between ACRE and CESP?​

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