ACRE Certification Curriculum

Networks for Training and Development, Inc. has completed the rigorous curriculum review process necessary to provide the ACRE training.​

ACRE SarahCare

Networks has served as a solid partner in supporting my company's endeavor to develop a Supported Employment program.  Several members from my company participated in their ACRE Certification Training (as well as a few of their other forums/trainings) and I can say that the experiences were well worth the time.  Each session has been delivered with care and patience.  This team is knowledgeable and are great to work with.
- Rosa Booker, SarahCare

FAQs about ACRE...

What is ACRE?

ACRE stands for Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators.​

​ACRE is a national membership organization for trainers and educators who work in the field of employment for people with disabilities. Members share a common mission of advocacy through education to improve the quality of employment services for people with disabilities..​

The ACRE Certificate…​

ACRE stands for One of the growing and expanding trainings offered through ACRE is the ACRE Employment Certificate. The ACRE Certificate Course is taught nationwide by trainers and other organizations who have undergone a rigorous curriculum review process that meets specific competency guidelines related to employment of people with disabilities. Most ACRE Certificate providers are universities and training organizations.​

Where do I get this training?​

The ACRE Certificate Curriculum is a minimum of 40 hours in length. The endorsed curricula varies in delivery. Some courses may be in-person, some online, and some hybrid (combining both in-person and online components.) All trainers and curricula follow the same competency base. Visit for information on local organizations offering the Course. When a Course participant meets all requirements of attendance and participation, they will receive an ACRE Certificate of Completion and their name will be added to the ACRE Certificate Registry.​

Do I need to obtain additional training to retain my certificate?​

ACRE does not require additional training hours to maintain the certificate. ​

Who should get an ACRE certificate?​

The ACRE certificate is designed for those new to the human services field and those who need to learn the basic skills and competencies of employment of people with disabilities in the community.​

How much does the ACRE certificate cost?​

The Certificate costs varies, depending on the individual curriculum. Current costs nationwide range from $275.00 - $700.00 per person. There are no recertification fees.​

The current cost for Networks’ ACRE curriculum is $___ per person. If interested, please contact us to learn about the next available offering.​