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The Lokahi Guild
The Lokahi Guild

"Lokahi" means to sparkle, unearth treasures, and find harmony. Come join with other kindred spirits committed to assisting others to find their lokahi... for the betterment of all and our world.

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We are a loosely connected tribe of souls involved in the wellness community from around the world… we support one another’s work… we play and pray together… we give back and pay forward… we are raising the collective vibration of wellness, goodness, and love to all beings and our Mama Earth… we do this through individual and group acts, planned events, and spontaneous gestures. We are lokahi.

How Do I Get

How Do I Get Involved?

The Lokahi Guild is supported through Networks for Training and Development, Inc. a non-profit based in southeastern Pennsylvania (US) but with a reach that has no borders. Those interested in becoming a member of the Lokahi Guild must uphold our 3 basic agreements. 1) We will assist the wellness of others, especially those often overlooked or shunned. 2) We will support the work of other Lokahi members by helping to advertise or lend a hand. 3) We will provide “of service acts” in our local communities to help raise the wellness of others, at least 3 x’s per year. Through this and all our activities, we will increase the light that emanates in all of us… and radiates outwards to help heal our world.

For more information, contact Rosa McAllister at or 267-250-0472.