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Exploration - Notice What You Notice

“Notice what you notice…”
Whether exploring  the person/environments/ and needs for greater independence, discovering all the  ways a person communicates and accesses their environments (home, school, work, community), or  identifying areas of need to develop plans for greater independence this has become the mantra of our Technologies for Independence and Control service area, and for a lot of the work we do.

For a group of local university professors this meant the realization that the materials they were providing their students in online courses may not be accessible to all.

For a group of trainers it was the realization that their favorite training video lost its message when “viewed” by someone who was blind.

For many of our vendors / people we do business with, it has meant answering questions no one else seemed to ask…

In our efforts to make what we do as accessible to all of our community members as possible, we have learned much. We have also shared this knowledge with others. Sometimes breaking down barriers starts with “noticing what you notice…”

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The Importance of Practical Solutions

When exploring  possible  solutions; options of adapting environments or using assistive technology  to assist individuals with communication and improving access to work, home, school and community activities it is often a matter of matching  potential solutions to everyday problems.

Watching a movie
Listening to a song
Checking out your purchases online
Booking a vacation online
Visiting a library
Reading a book

Doing your own shopping

These are all tasks we take for granted, but they can pose significant barriers for some of our community members. The saddest part –it doesn’t have to

A Communication training

Our Commitment to Training

Our training may include implementation of strategies to help individuals learn to listen to all types of communication, helping people find technology that creates greater independence, or  modifying environments or workspaces to increase comfort and independence in everyday life.   We are also able to assist in monitoring action plans or solutions designed to expand access and improve others' quality  of life.

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